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Meet Chechi

Certified Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer

Chechi provides her clients with a well-rounded scientifically proven yet deeply holistic approach to ensure their journey to full recovery. She combines the integrative practices of Therapeutic Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, Reiki, and Yoga complemented with clinical modalities such as NARM (neuro-affective relational model), and ITR (instinctive trauma response). Her approach involves helping clients explore their subconsciousness while using unordinary states of mind to resolve old traumas, physical discomfort, and deeply ingrained behaviors. In her practice, she has supported individuals with a variety of trauma symptoms including PTSD, Anxiety, depression, and addictions to learn how to use their breath and consciousness for self-healing, building resiliency, and improving the quality of their lives. She believes that unresolved trauma is the root cause of most illnesses and that only through its release and integration can people attain their greatest potential.

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About the healing process

Benefits of Breathwork
  • Enhances Overall Well-being:

  • Eases stress and anxiety, promoting a calmer state of mind.

  • Boosts immunity to support overall health and vitality.

  • Elevates mood for a more positive and uplifting outlook.

  • Facilitates the process of overcoming trauma and PTSD.

  • Aids in cultivating a positive self-esteem and optimistic life perspective.

  • Assists in processing emotional pain and grief effectively.

  • Can play a role in overcoming addictions.

  • Relieves negative thought patterns for a healthier mindset.

  • Supports a balanced blood pH for overall well-being.

  • Promotes a healthier response to life challenges and stressors.

  • Relationship Improvement:

  • Contributes to better personal and professional relationships.

  • Helps in decreasing symptoms of depression.

The body can hold on to trauma for years in the form of pent-up energy and tension that manifest into various mental and physical conditions. Anxiety, depression, chronic stress, insomnia, eating disorders, negative habits, chronic pain, addictions, relationship struggles, etc., are symptoms of unprocessed trauma not the actual cause of distress. When therapy is solely focused on symptoms and working only with the cohesive part of the brain it fails to heal the issue at its very core, since our memories, emotions, and behaviors are held in our subconscious mind and the soma(body). If you have been trying different therapies for years without any substantial results you're not alone. 

Throughout the years, breathwork has proven to be a healthy alternative therapy for addressing mental and physical conditions, offering Post-Traumatic Growth and profound transformation while treating the root cause. In Breathwork we use breathing techniques and work primarily with the patient's body and subconscious mind, allowing them to release painful emotions, physical tension, and deeply rooted behaviors on a physical, mental and emotional level. After breathwork people report having greater awareness, reduced trauma symptoms, and a deeper capacity for relationships with self and others. 

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