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Shana Ginsburg

Chechi's breathwork services have played a pivotal role in my healing. I didn't know it was possible for something like this to have such a profound impact in my life, but it has.


Through this practice, I have been working deeply on my trust and safety issues. Each time as I'm breathing, I have a different experience that brings attention to areas of myself that I need to heal through. In that vulnerable space, I have always felt extremely comforted and safe in Chechi's presence. She has been supporting me in learning how to feel safe in my own body.


This experience has brought to the surface many emotions and unhealed wounds that I haven't really explored in depth up until now. If you're looking for growth and expansion right now in your life, I highly recommend Bendis Breathwork and the experience that Chechi brings to the table. It has opened doors for me that I am forever grateful for!

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